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Want to see how your floor will look before you buy? Our flooring visualizer is the answer. With Roomvo, you will see a virtual look at how our floors will look in your home.

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Meet Roomvo, the fast and easy room visualizer

Leave nothing to the imagination. With Roomvo, you no longer have to imagine the flooring in your home before you buy. Our flooring visualizer allows you to see different floors virtually installed in your home, so you get a good idea what any of our floors will look like in your home. Whether you’re looking for timeless hardwood, soft carpet, patterned flooring, or anything in between, our flooring visualizer makes your vision reality.

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Select a flooring product

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See the flooring instantly in your space

Why Roomvo?

Roomvo and its cutting-edge technology help to eliminate the guesswork commonly associated with purchasing new flooring. Whether you’re interested in carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl, tile, laminate, or even an area rug, Roomvo will allow you to see whatever product you want in whatever room you want it in with just a few simple clicks. Shop more confidently with Roomvo. 

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