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A box stair is the simplest design, and what many envision when they think of ‘stairs’. Closed in by stringers on each side these stairs can either be carpet covered or made into a focal point with a beautiful species of wood treads for a stylish look. While generally straight and simple, a box stair can also be transformed into many custom concepts from a winder to a curve stair, the possibilities are endless.
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Customizable Box Stairs for Modern Homes.

Box Stair

A traditional box stair is becoming the go-to in modern home design. Characterized by uniformly sized treads and risers forming a sleek rectangular structure, this staircase offers a contemporary aesthetic and functional versatility. Despite its traditional roots, this style is widely embraced for its affordability and space-saving attributes. Box Stairs are the perfect solution for modern living spaces or budget-conscious projects. To further enhance the look of the stair newel posts, balusters, handrails can be chosen to give your own personal touch of style. These stairs can be carpet covered or finished in hardwood. All of our stairs are handcrafted, and available in many species of wood, and dozens of stain and finishing options to allow freedom in your design choices.

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