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At Choice, we don’t just work with builders and contractors. We also collaborate with homeowners for their home remodel and home projects. From custom designs to standard replacements, we bring expertise and professionalism from design to installation.

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For over 45 years Choice Stairways has been designing and manufacturing residential stairs. The sales team and stair designers at Choice Stairways work in conjunction with architects, builders, homeowners and interior decorators.
The Choice team follows current design styles & trends, all while working around the customers’ budget. As a result, the stairs and rails manufactured at Choice Stairways surpass the customers’ vision and expectations.

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Home Remodeling


Having a wide variety of products, styles and finishes makes it easy to select components to match your style and budget. Custom and Retrofitting designs can be implemented into our stair and rail systems to enable you to obtain your vision no matter what situation. Our hands on design team will guide you through the selection process, providing their design suggestions, product samples and drawings all in tune with the industry’s latest trends & designs.

The One-Stop Shop for Stairs & Rails in the Mid-Atlantic

Choice Floors & Stairways houses the only stair & rail design center in the Mid-Atlantic. One of the features of the stair and rail design center is the staircase visualizer screen, powered by StairArtist®.

Shopping for stairs & rails doesn’t have to be a lot of work, with the stair & rail design center, it isn’t a lot of work. Simply choose your preferred newel, rail, and balusters from the wall, then view them in our staircase visualizer tool, to see a digital representation of your staircase.

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Our Home Remodel Stair Types We Provide

Smart Stair

Smart stairs are the perfect way to upgrade your existing steps by manufacturing durable covers that are installed over existing steps and add a unique and modern touch to your home. Smart stairs are designed to have a minimal effort to install.  Find out more today!

Custom Stairs

Custom Stairs

If you’re looking to make a big statement in your home, fewer things stand out as much as a custom stairway. From grand entryways to dramatic overlooks, our custom stair designs ascend your home’s style to the next level.

Open Riser Stairs

Open Riser Stairs

An open riser stair is a type of staircase that features individual treads without risers. This design allows for an airy and modern look, while still providing support and stability.

Box Stair

Box Stairs

A traditional box stair is a type of staircase traditionally used in older homes and buildings. It consists of uniformly-sized treads and risers that are connected to form a rectangular shape, resembling a large box. These stairs can be inexpensive to build and install, making them the perfect solution for tight spaces or budget-conscious projects.
Open Stairs | Choice Company

Open Stairs

An open style stair adds a simple heightened feel to a classic staircase, and elevates the look of any space with the exposure of the treads, and possible addition of ornamental brackets for extra effect. This look can be paired with a traditional or modern aesthetic,it’s adaptability is something that works in almost any home.


Curved Stairs

A curved stair is an elegant addition to any home or business, providing a graceful transition from one level to the next. Curved stairs create a unique visual appeal that adds character and charm to any space. The curve of the stairs can be subtle or dramatic.  

Winder Open

Winder Stairs

A winder stair is a type of staircase with treads that are wedged-shaped and arranged in sections connected to walkways. This design allows the stairs to curve, turn corners, andascend in a tight space while still providing adequate support and stability. Winder stairs are ideal for homes and buildings with limited square footage or unusual layouts.

Flair Stairs

Flair Stairs

A flair style stair is a type of staircase that boasts a unique and eye-catching aesthetic. Rather than simply transitioning from one level to the next, the design features dramatic curves with ornamental newel posts, balusters, and railings that create an exaggerated, almost sculptural effect.

Choice Stairways . Mono Stringer

Mono-Stringer Stairs

A mono-stringer stair is a type of staircase that features a single open stringer running along the side or bottom of the steps. This minimalist design is popular among modern homes, as it provides an air of sophistication while creating a visual sense of space. 


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