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How to Fix Squeaky Floors Under Carpet?

You might think squeaky floors are an unavoidable part of your home. While these might seem like minor annoyances, you don’t have to hear your floors squeak every day. Learning how to fix squeaky floorboards from above can help you create a silent floor without tearing your flooring apart. Use this guide to help you find and address your squeaky floors for a quieter, more comfortable home. 

Why Floors Squeak

Floor squeaks can pop up out of nowhere. You might have had a floor squeak for years, or it could be new. Either way, it’s usually caused by friction or loose components. When you step on part of your floor, it can cause the subflooring, floorboards or nails to rub against each other. This rubbing creates vibration and sound, leading to the squeaks you hear. Over time, this squeaking can get louder, increasing the wear on your floors and creating more issues.

Floor squeaking can also come from humidity and moisture changes. Wood will expand and contract when the moisture levels change, creating friction as components shift. Additionally, old materials might be the cause of your increasing floor squeaks. If you want to stop your floors from squeaking, you’ll need to pinpoint the problem area and reduce the friction.

How to Fix a Squeaky Floor Under Carpet

Figuring out how to stop squeaky floors under carpeting can seem challenging at first. The carpet adds an extra obstacle, making it harder to find the squeaking source. It’s important to note that any repairs you try yourself may damage your carpet.  In some cases, it may be best to completely replace your floor to address the squeaky noise you’re hearing.

You can try to fix your squeaky floor using these tools:

  • Several 3-inch scored screws
  • A driver bit with a stop
  • A screwdriver
  • A joist finder
  • An alignment and depth control fixture or screw gripper

Once you’ve gathered the materials for your squeaky floor repair, you can start trying to fix the issue:

  1. Find the squeak source: Walk around the area and find the squeaky spot. Pressing down on the carpet over these spots should let you identify the spot that’s causing the issue. If a whole section is squeaky, you might have to use more precision to locate the squeak source.
  2. Grab your squeaky floor repair toolsTake your alignment tool, special screws and joist-finding tools to get started on fixing the squeak without removing your carpet. These special screws have scores built-in, letting you break off the screw head underneath the carpet so it doesn’t poke you when you walk over it. You can use these screws to secure your carpet and subfloor in place without leaving a screw head in the way.
  3. Remove the head: Attach your screw gripper or alignment tool to the screw head and gently rock it back and forth. Rocking will eventually break the screw head off at the scored point beneath the carpet layer, leaving you with a smooth carpet surface and a silent floor.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Floor

Sometimes, stopping one squeak is only a temporary fix. Persistent squeaking and other issues are signs you need to replace your floor completely. While this can be expensive upfront, it will give you a more durable floor and save you on repeated repairs long-term. Keep your home safe and comfortable with reliable flooring. Use these signs to help you decide if it’s time to replace your floor:

  • Persistent squeaking: Regular squeaking throughout your floors could be a sign of loose floorboards and subflooring. While you can fix some squeaks, frequent squeaking throughout your home might indicate that your flooring has become old and worn, needing replacement. 
  • Lots of wear and tear: If you see lots of wear on your floor, like gouges, deep scratches and worn-out sections, you might need new floors. High-traffic areas will show wear earlier, too. Too much wear can make your floors less reliable — replacing them helps improve your home’s safety and style. 
  • Outdated looks: Sometimes, you just need a change. Old-looking flooring can make your home look outdated. Consider replacing your flooring to give your home an update, refreshing its look without completely changing the interior. 
  • Structural problems: Uneven or sagging floors are safety hazards that can mean you have structural issues. Replacing the flooring is often essential to protect your home and household from safety problems. 
  • Visible damage: Visible damage like mold, water stains and warping can be a sign it’s time to replace. These problems point to underlying moisture issues or water damage, which can make your home unsafe. Replacing the floor can help prevent further damage and keep your family safe. 
  • Allergy issues: If you see more allergies or respiratory issues than normal, it could be your flooring. Carpets will trap allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander over time. This buildup will eventually accumulate, even with regular vacuuming. With many allergens in your carpet, anyone with respiratory issues or allergies can start seeing increased, uncomfortable symptoms. Replace your flooring to clear this problem out, and breathe easy once again.

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