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Explore the most beautiful tile selections in all of Maryland! Featuring Daltile and other top brands, Choice has a wide selection of porcelain and ceramic tile in a wide range of sizes, patterns and colors. From flooring, kitchen backsplashes, shower tile and feature walls, Choice has done it all!
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Tile Care & Maintenance

Explore some great care and maintenance tips for protecting and keeping your tile floors looking new.

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Check out our frequently asked questions for simple answers regarding today’s tile floors.

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Understanding the different terms can help when selecting the best tile floor for your home.


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Tile Care
& Maintenance

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Tile Care & Maintenance

Care and maintenance tips are also simple and low maintenance, only a couple of minutes a day with a deeper clean once a week is all it takes to keep your flooring looking like new! The following information from our team here at Great Western Flooring Co.  aims to provide you with helpful maintenance tips.

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Tile Stain Removal

Care and maintenance tips are also simple and low maintenance, only a couple of minutes a day with a deeper clean once a week is all it takes to keep your flooring looking like new! The following information from our team here at Great Western Flooring Co.  aims to provide you with helpful maintenance tips.

Tile FAQ's

Tile flooring can be installed in almost any room. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor spaces, on any floor (including below grade, basement spaces). Tile is a popular choice in kitchens and bathrooms thanks to its durability and natural resistance to moisture.

Typically, tile flooring must be adhered to your home’s sub-flooring using a tile adhesive or mortar. Once secured, the joints between tiles must then be sealed using grout to fill in the space and create a uniform, secure surface for your new tile flooring.

If you have specific questions regarding installation, the team at Choice Floors can help! We offer installation services in Maryland, and can offer tips if you decide to complete the installation DIY-style.*

*Note: While DIY installation for tile flooring is certainly possible, we always recommend using a professional to ensure maximum quality and safety for your new floors.

Ceramic tile is lighter in color and tends to be thicker than porcelain. Ceramic can come in colors anywhere from white, to beige.

Porcelain, however, is fired at higher temperatures in the kiln. This makes it shinier, and gives much more variation in color, from green to blue and almost anywhere in between!

Unglazed tile is tile without any additional coating. It is clay, fired in a kiln, and left its natural color. Unglazed tile is more durable but less resistant to moisture. Because they only come in natural tones, they are also not as versatile for design.

Glazed tile, on the other hand, has a non-porous glass coating applied after its initial firing. Upon being fired again, this coating, or glaze, fuses with the tile. Glazed tile works very well in areas of the home where moisture is present, such as kitchens and bathrooms, and offers a wide variety of options for color and pattern that glazed tile cannot.

Tile is made from natural clays, heated to incredibly high temperatures in a kiln. This process is called firing, and it hardens the clay into tile.

Tile 101

Crafted from real clay and fired at high temperatures in a clay oven or kiln, tile becomes incredibly hard, making it a highly durable flooring material.

This process yields two basic types of tile: glazed and unglazed. Unglazed tile is finished once it leaves the kiln for the first time, and will only be seen in natural clay tones.

Glazed tile, however, is tile that has had a glass coating of glaze applied to its surface. At this point, the tile is re-fired in the kiln, where the glaze fuses to the surface. This is the process that creates the many colors and patterns you see on tile today.

How long will my ceramic tile floors last?

When properly installed and maintained, your ceramic tile floor will last for many years. Different types of tile have different expected lifespans. For instance, glazed tile can wear more easily than unglazed tile, will porcelain tile will generally outlast both glazed and unglazed tile.

How do I know if my grout joints need to be resealed?

You can figure this out with a quick test! Simply place a few drops of water on your grout. If it beads up, your sealer is likely fine – however, if water absorbs into the grout, it’s tile to reseal it!

What is the best way to clean tile flooring?

Ceramic tile floors are simple to maintain. Regularly sweep or vacuum with a soft-bristle brush, and mop them at least weekly with a damp mop. You will notice some build-up and fading in grout over time, which is normal, but you should also occasionally clean grout lines.